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Really should update this post... That's about it, Jade the X9ian, over and out...

Random Post for Update Purposes

Happy V-Day!

2012-02-14 00:33:46 by Jade-the-X9ian

Hey there! Happy V-day! ^_^

Go give your love some chocolates or something!

Jade the X9ian Over and out!

Happy V-Day!

Pirates... arh...

2012-01-28 02:12:50 by Jade-the-X9ian

Pirates, can't live without them. Can't walk a few feet in front of them without them cutting your arms and legs off.

Pirates... arh...


2012-01-10 09:46:26 by Jade-the-X9ian

Please stop trolling... Last time I checked, there was no pianos in my theme...

Revision, revision, and more revisions!

2011-12-09 09:38:47 by Jade-the-X9ian

Hey guys, Jade the X9ian here. Starting from now on, I'm going to remake some of my audios to achive my stupid desire for perfection.

Comments? Leave them.

And be sure to check for updates every few months or so, expect on Janurays and Junes. My finals are in those months.

In the meantime, go check out Version two of Healmono EverGreen! As you people didn't really liked it all that much the first time... /453224

This is Jade the X9ian, over and out.

Hey Guys!

2011-10-31 01:52:46 by Jade-the-X9ian

Hehe, took me long enough to make apost here XD

Anyway I make audios. So yeah, that's about all I can do, unless someone wants to teach me programming which, I will (probably) NEVER LEARN.

So I'll stick to my audio stuff. :)

Anyway, I've recently formed a partnership with WhoAteTheWaffles, if anyone wants details, give him a shout.